Thursday, February 7, 2013

Post modern information systems

This is not the first time I find interesting materials in Michael Schrage blog, from MIT. His recent post "Invest in Digital Marketing to Control Your Destiny" (here) has very challenging material about last US elections (for president) and the role of innovative and integrated IT analytics and procedures, a case that he sees as inspiring for all business operations: 
  • The Obama campaign's techniques, tools and technologies deserve detailed and dedicated attention from every organization that takes data-driven decisions seriously
  • As campaigner-in-chief, however, this President is demonstrably without peer. His "Obama for America" fundraisinganalytics and "get out the vote" operation was a masterpiece of agile electoral innovation and entrepreneurship. Partisans from both sides of the aisle believe it transformed presidential politics.
Schrage links to a presentation (Inside the Cave, by
  • Until the actual "Obama for America" codebase is freely available (and this is the subject of intense debate), if you want a blueprint, map or resource for your own organization's digital marketing aspirations, read, reread and then circulate Inside the Cave. It will provoke the internal conversation and debate your business likely needs.

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